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Ringtone Christmas Love from Jimin (BTS)

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  • Added: 30.12.2020
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Jimin (BTS) - Christmas Love
Jimin (BTS) - Christmas Love - cool, incredible cool, and also free ringtone that will definitely suit you to call your favorite phone (Android/iPhone). Listen carefully online Jimin (BTS) - Christmas Love and download this beauty ringtone faster for free, until the melody of your favorite song plays every second person on the call. Be the first to download this masterpiece of music for free and appreciate the harmonious sound Jimin (BTS) - Christmas Love. In addition, you can find and download another mp3 cut of the song to phone call, well, or m4r melody on the iPhone (iOS). We are sure that you did not make a mistake with the choice of Jimin (BTS) - Christmas Love ringtone, because with such a deliciously high-quality music cut, it will be difficult to miss the ringtone. - mp3 and m4r songs and sounds to phone call that will hook you and everyone around you. Your phone is worthy!
Music video Jimin (BTS) - Christmas Love
Lyrics from ringtone Jimin (BTS) - Christmas Love
Christmas I love you
Huin nuncheoleom
Neon nae halue naelyeowa

Christmas I love you
Oh you're the one
Oneul-ieoss-eumyeon hae

Christmas love
Christmas love
Neon nae ma-eum-e nam-ajwo

Christmas love
Christmas love
Today it's Christmas Day
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